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Welcome to a faster, better way to understand your customers

User feedback is still in the dark ages. Surveys and Q&As offer poor engagement, and limited context. Stop waiting for actionable feedback, get continuous comprehensive feedback, without driving away customers.

Onva is a micro-survey delivery platform which seamlessly embeds with your existing product, on whatever platforms you operate.

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Understand the group, and the individual

Appeal to all customers.


Turbo charge engagement by up-to 12x

Show off your premium products without devaluing them.


Keep your users where you want them

Stop pushing your customers elsewhere.


Don't waste opportunities to engage

How does it work?

Create questions

Cover different areas of interest using a range of questions, then use targeting rules to deliver the best question to the user.

Setup surveys

Micro surveys deliver the appropriate questions, at the right time, to get to the heart of your user's feedback.


Onva surveys embed seamlessly with your product. Our team can assist to produce the best insights possible.


Surveys added directly to your website

Mobile app

Gather feedback directly inside your app

Onva Platform

Dedicated platform solely for survey delivery, hosted by you or us


API first approach puts power in your hands

Use cases

Customer Understanding

All user research has one common aim - understanding your customers. Traditional surveys seek to do this by asking a number of direct questions, and fail to understand how the customer feels.

  • Angry customers vent
  • Happiest customers fawn
  • Most other people don't complete

Approaching understanding in an agile piece-by-piece approach you get more honest feedback from considerably more customers than you would get from a traditional survey.

Try it for yourself

Product Feedback

Too often the first piece of feedback you hear from an unhappy customer is when they're deleting your app, or unsubscribing from your service. It's wise to understand why they're leaving, but by then it's too late for them. Maybe you can understand why they're leaving before others follow the same path?

We offer a way to continuously engage with your customers throughout the lifecycle of using your product. Easily understand how their onboarding experience was when they sign up, or whether they're finding your product easy to use while they're using it. Our product is flexible enough to fit any scenario.

Learn about customer pain points while they're mild frustrations, not when they become negative reviews.

Net Promoter Score

A classic of the marketing world - how likely are you to recommend our product to a friend, or relative? Often used in conjunction with a longer survey, with the Onva platform you can include this in your app or on your website with ease.

On its own or combined with other questions, you will quickly out how your users feel about sharing your product with their friends.

For this example we're using our own NPS widget that will appear at the bottom of the screen - try it.

That is as easy as one line of code added to your website!

Sentiment Analysis

Detailed feedback from users is helpful, but detailed understanding of how your customers feel while using your product is incredibly valuable. Which areas generate the most smiles, which features generate the most negative reports?

The simplest of questions is sometimes the most powerful - a single happy face or sad face can be all it takes to transform your product from one that generates frustration, to one that provides joy to your users.

Try it for yourself below. It's an active survey!

It's that quick and easy to get feedback from your customers.

Traditional surveys

Last but not least let us not forget the traditional survey you're used to! We may be leagues ahead of competitors with our features, our flexibility and scalability, but that doesn't mean we don't see the value in an old school survey.


Privacy first

We don't track your user's personal data.

We use no obtrusive cookies.

We don't share user information with anybody.

Incentivise engagement

Show your users you value their time, drive engagement, and a fantastic way to show case your premium featureswithout devaluing them.

Speak their language

Multi language support means you can collect feedback in the langauge the user feels most comfortable in. No more misunderstandings.

Targeting questions

Most questions have a target audience, whether it's based on country, salary range, or something else. Target your questions based on any information you have about your users.

Historical trends

Knowing how a user feels about your platform at a point in time isn't enough. Understand user trends over time, to gauge the success of your initiatives.

Real time reporting

No more waiting weeks or months to find your users, and hope they answer your questions. Onva provides real time access to insights, and scales to all your users.

Reporting segmentation

Segment responses and enhance reporting with any information you have about the users that respond to it.

Dynamic question delivery

Pose questions to your users based on how they've responded to previous questions, or to specific answers.

Open platform

We make it easy for you to access your data via API, and share our code to fast track you to success.

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Visualise the impact of your efforts on user feedback. Here is an example of an NPS survey over time using the actual responses provided, rather than a score.

See how responses change over time



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Access all areas for the duration of the beta!

  • Dashboard access
  • Real time reporting
  • Multi-language
  • Webhook delivery
  • Question targeting
  • Email support
  • API access
  • Question branching
  • Unlimited categories
  • Pre-built widgets
  • Web SDK
  • Community access
  • Unlimited questions and surveys
  • Google Tag Manager support



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The Onva platform is an API first, headless survey platform that helps you gather customer feedback wherever you want the customer to be. Other platforms insist that you direct users to their platform. We keep control in your hands.

Whether it's in your app, on your website, or even by SMS, there is no limit to where and how you engage with your customers and gather real time user feedback about how you make them feel.

We've been working on a selection of Javascript widgets which you can use to quickly embed the Onva platform with your existing website. There is also a comprehensive API documentation and will have a complete integration guide available in time for launch.

You're one line of code away from gathering user feedback on your website.

Join the beta, it's free!